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Mytilene is located in the northernmost part of Greece's Eastern Aegean Islands. It is one of the most famous of the Greek islands. Mytilene is the third largest island after Crete and Euboea. Mytilene, the capital of Mytilene island, is a mountainous island in the northeast of the Aegean Sea, very close to Ayvalık.


This is an advantage for turkish visitors that Mytilene is close to Ayvalık. Every year the island of Mytilene is attracted by tourists. One of the most important reasons of this intense interest is the easy access to Mytilene Island by ferry service from Ayvalık.


The cheapest ferry tickets to Ayvalık Mytilene also increase the demand for visits to the island. Ferry services are also frequent for Ayvalık Mytilene. You can get access to Ayvalık Mytilene ferry tickets online at any time. The island of Mytilene consists of three main islands, namely Lemnos and Lesbos in the southwest and Agios Efstratios in the middle of Lemnos. In terms of area of ​​the Aegean Sea is one of the largest islands of Lesbos, Molivos, Petra, Sigri, Plomari manages to become the destination of tourists visiting the island.


Mytilene is an attractive and interesting island with its beautiful architecture and magnificent Aegean landscape. Lesbos has a rich variety of places to visit. There are many historical places to visit on the island, museums, bars, taverns and charming cafes.


Mytilene, which has the same name as the island, is the first place to visit in Mytilene. Dazzling with its large and majestic harbors, fascinating ancient and historical texture, lively and dynamic city life and clean beaches, Mytilene ranks first among the tourists visiting the island. Agios Therapon Church and Gataluzi Castle, which is an important building from history, are among the buildings that attract your attention when you visit Mytilene. In time, the castle became one of the iconic values ​​of the island of Lesbos.


In addition, the castle is frequently used during the summer for theater, opera, music, art events and festivals. The island of Lesbos also attracts attention with its exotic and high quality bars and cafes.These cafes and bars offer affordable food and entertainment.Ermou Street, also known as the shopping street, which is another charming place of Lesbos, stands out with many local shops where you can buy souvenirs, clothes, olive oil and ouzo. If you go to Mytilene, don't cross this lovely street. You will enjoy swimming in the clear and clean sea. In the evening, you can have fun with your friends in the taverns located by the sea accompanied by local delicacies. We recommend adding ferry tickets to your bucket list. More


Places to visit in Mytilene:

  1. Mytilene
  2. Molivos (Mithymna)
  3. Sigri
  4. Petra
  5. Plomari
  6. Eressos
  7. Mantamados
  8. Agiasos
  9. Skala Sykamineas
  10. Kalloni.

Another place to be seen is the Mytilene Antique Theater,a Hellenistic building.This building, which is one of the most popular historical places of Lesbos,maintains its features and greatness even today.


The church of Agios Therapon, built by local architect Argyris Adalis and opened in 1935, is one of the iconic structures of the island. Among the main sights to visit in Mytilene are the Theophilos Museum, where paintings by renowned local folk artist Theophilos are exhibited, the Eleftheriadis Teriade Museum of Modern Art, which is used as a library and museum, and the famous Bazaar Bath in the north of the city. In short, Lesbos is an island with a rich variety of places to visit. Access to this charming island is quite easy.


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Because here you can find tickets at any time of the day and you can complete ferry services in a safe and lawful manner. You have a lot of choices for to go Ayvalık Mytilene. Finally, if you are thinking of going to Lesvos, which is perhaps the most beautiful island of the Greek islands, you must fulfill this request. The local people on the island will make you happy with their hospitality. You can also enjoy a peaceful holiday here. If you want to have a peaceful, happy and charming holiday, buy your tickets and come to Mytilene. Nature is waiting for its visitors with all its beauty.