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Thousands of tourists come from Fethiye to island of Rhodes by ferry services every year.  Fethiye Turkey is a very beautiful town in the south east. The weather in Fethiye always warm and sunny.


You can take your ticket from ferry company and spend a few hours in a day trip in Fethiye before going to the island. Fethiye has an unique beaches. You can have fun in beach clubs while sunbathing.


The frequency of ferry services and the cheapness of ferry tickets are another attractive issue. Rhodes is known as the largest of the 12 Greek islands. Rhodes fascinates its visitors with its ancient historical sites. The island is situated at the point where the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea mix and is very close to Fethiye, which gives Turkish tourists a great advantage.


The island has been taken over by Rome, Byzantium and Knights throughout its history. The Knights invested heavily in Rhodes. They built castles on the island and built the Palace of the Great Masters.


Rhodes was then ruled by the Ottomans for 400 years. It is possible to find traces of the Ottomans on the island. This means Rhodes has variety of traditions for long years. This situation provide the kindness between people from every nation. 


The Rhodes town is the largest settlement on the island. Lindos is also an important city located on the island. There is a Schengen visa requirement for tourists coming to Rhodes.There is also a visa application at the gate for those who come from Fethiye Marmaris and Bodrum. To obtain a gate visa, you must contact tourism or travel agent three days in advance.


Ferry services to the island are organized every day of the week from Fethiye. Going to the island by ferry is quite popular and common. In the high season ferry operators has ferry services to all Greek islands. There are some alternative routes to go to Rhodes like airport transfers but ferry services are the best. Because many tourists have faster access to ferry tickets, and as a price, ferry tickets are much more convenient.


The journey from Fethiye to Rhodes takes about an hour with ferry services. From Fethiye, it is possible to easily reach Rhodes. You can get your ferry ticket much cheaper by booking early. Also with booking early you can spend less money to hotel accommodation.


You can use public transport when you get off the ferry on the island. Buses depart from many places outside the castle to various parts of the island. The island has developed significantly in terms of transportation.


As for the island, the most logical place to stay is in the castle reagion. Because if you stay in the inner city, you don't need to rent a car. Also, all the exciting activities and places are located in this area. The Old City area in the centre of the island is an important point for Rhodes. This region, which bears traces from the Middle Ages, is surrounded by fortifications. The streets are always lively and crowded.


The area has very sweet restaurants, quaint gift shops,bars and mosques. You must also visit the Palace of the Great Masters. This building is located at the end of Socrates Street, at the highest point in the inner castle.


We suggest that you to take your ticket to Fethiye Rhodes ferry and see this hidden paradise island as soon as possible. As mentioned earlier, ferries from Fethiye to Rhodes are reliable. The fact that ferry tickets are cheap is also an important advantage for tourists. We recommend buying your ferry ticket as a round trip.


The island is on the Unesco World Cultural Heritage list. The area is quite touristic and crowded. We recommend adding it to your must-see list before you die.


The extraordinary beauty of the island will begin to take you as soon as you get off the ferry. Then you will see the unique beauty of Rhodes. Also we promise that you will want to come to Rhodes every single year. We wish you a happy holiday in advance.