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As one of the first companies that come to mind when you say Kas Meis ferry ticket, we recommend you to go to Meis island. The fastest and safest way to go to Meis island is to use the Meis ferry service.


There are ferry services from Antalya Kas to Meis every day. ferry services are cheap, reliable and fast. It is possible to get your Kas Meis ferry ticket easily.


You can buy your ticket online for ferry services. The journey takes 20 minutes for Meis.


When you choose to purchase the online purchase page of our site in the ticket purchase process, you can also compare the days regarding the appropriate Kas Meis Ferry ticket prices and the ferry times. In addition, separate price policy is applied for adults and for children for Kas Meis ferry tickets.


In fact, fees for children between the ages of 6-6 and 6-12 are different from each other. By making an early reservation, you will realize that the Kas Meis (Kastellorizo) ferry ticket price is more affordable.


Kas Meis ferry prices are different in many places.You can buy your Kas Meis ferry ticket either round-trip, one-way or return-open. If you think that you should go to Kas Meis Island by taking an incredible holiday during these days when the summer shows up, you should definitely travel by ferry.


You can have the opportunity to have a wonderful day trip by passing from Kas to Meis by ferry. 


Thanks to your Kas Meis ferry ticket, which you can buy online, you can continue your holiday without any difficulty. The fact that tourists go to the Greek islands for holidays especially in the summer months has increased considerably in recent years.


One of the most important factors in this increase is the fact that Greece has brought visa application to the Greek islands at the gate. Due to the application of a door visa, the Greek Islands, which have increased visitors, can be reached within a maximum of two hours by using a ferry. 


Greek islands; It is among the most popular holiday destinations of recent years. Meis is one of the Twelve Islands connected to Greece.Turkey is a great advantage for the tourists who will visit the island to be very close. 

Meis is only 2.1 kilometers from Antalya Kas. Ferry services frequently depart from Kas. You can go to Meis for a day or stay. 


The existence of ferry services from Kas is a great advantage for tourists going to Meis. Because before you go to the island, you can spend time in Kas and travel there.


Meis came under the sovereignty of Egypt, Naples and the Ottoman State, respectively. The island remained under the patronage of the Ottoman State until 1915. The island, which was given to Italy after the First World War, was given to Greece at the end of the Second World War. You have the opportunity to do different activities on Meis Island.


When you come to the island, you can swim in the clear and clean sea, you can sunbathe in the scorching heat. You can also visit the villages and buy souvenirs unique to the island. 


The only settlement on Meis Island is the village of Megisti.This village is a village with the majority of local people. People are hospitable and cheerful. In addition, tradesmen are cheerful and helpful like local people.


Meis shows the temperate characteristics of the Mediterranean climate. Therefore, if you want to have a sea holiday accompanied by a light wind in hot weather, you should definitely visit this island. 


However, if you do not want to coincide with the tourist density in the summer, if you are uncomfortable with the crowd, you can also choose the spring months. We recommend that you purchase your Kas Meis ferry ticket as soon as possible and see this beautiful island. We wish you a good holiday already..